Folks are already talkin' 'bout the brand-spankin' new CD, Goin' Back

"Your new CD is GREAT. Do not tarry, do not wait, do not pass go, do not do anything except GET IT OUT THERE SOMEHOW...the album is BETTER THAN GREAT. I am not joking. I'm so f***ing impressed by it I can't stand it. This record should be getting airplay on all jazz or light-jazz format stations around the world!!! Do you get the impression I like your new CD? I LIKE IT SO MUCH IT ALMOST HURTS. For the first time in years, there is an album from which songs stick in my head or pop up unexpectedly ALL THE TIME....Have fun back home with mom and dad and give them my best."
Mark Humphreys, Trough Records recording artist, author & man of many words

"Why, this is downright accessible, Brother Ritt." —Norm Sancho, Windham Hill

"Thanks so much for the cd. It's most delightful to listen to, look at, and hold in the hand."
—Dr. Demento, nationally syndicated radio host

"Liberal doses of jazz, blues and r&b with a wit that does so much more than rhyme with his name." —Doug Tucker, Texas Chainsaw Acoustic Hour, KWVA-FM, Eugene, OR

"Ritt Henn's new CD is lots of fun; jazzy, folky, charming, sure to put a smile on your face." —Susanne Millhaps, Breakfast Jam, KRCL-FM, Salt Lake City, UT

"The freakin' record's great. Hope it's doing very good things for you.
I think it came out great." —Joe Jewell, Master of Music & guitarist on Goin' Back

"I LOVED your CD. It is stuck in my CD player, and I admire you for making such great, unique choices. Playing, singing, writing.... what don't you do? Excellent work!!!"
—Lisa Richard, LML Records recording artist

"Greetings from Finland! I was visiting Pori jazz-festival last july with a friend of mine. We were sure to heard you play there one day. We managed to find a cd of yours (Goin' Back). My friend bought it...and we listened it even four times a day! YOU AND YOUR MUSIC ARE REALLY GOOD!!!" —Kirsi Mki, newly appointed President of Ritt's Finnish Fan Club

"My oh my oh my, what a voice you have!...This is so entertaining! What you do is so unique; I love it!! You should get signed by a major label." —Laura Pursell, jazz chanteuse

"We really enjoyed it, especially the title tune with the cameo by your folks."
—Jim Beloff, Flea Market Music founder & Fluke tutor

"I've still got it in my CD player in my car. My favorite song is 'Goin' Back.'
I gotta ask ya: Is that really your parents?"
—Jennifer the Masseuse in the middle of giving me a massage

"It's like your parents are right here in the car with me!"
—Cousin Joan Basile in the middle of the Massachusetts Turnpike

but don't let them tell you what to think...
click here to listen for yourself to Goin' Back

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