Here's a li'l skinny on the cuts on It's Me!

It's Me - If it had an exclamation point, it'd be the title track... but it doesn't.

Zen & The Art Of Waiting In Line - Swingin', chantin' monks & The Sinatra Mantra.

New Shoes - A cool groove & fun Dan Hicks-ian harmonies.

Maintenance - "Ouch." David Mitson, Sony Music mastering engineer, after hearing the first verse...

Away-O - Seeing my Grandpop for the last time—some real nice textures courtesy of guitarist John Groover McDuffie, drummer Albe Bonacci & singer Teresa Tudury.

20 Feet Away - Appalachian reggae rendering of my experience working with Jeff Bridges on the movie Wild Bill.

Doin' My Taxes - Love & taxesthey both hurt.

Chicks Dig Me 'Cuz I Bowl - Heard on the radio nation-wide. Features some ballsy, bluesy, kick-butt harmonica by Jimmy Powers.

Not Such A Bad Thing - "Shut up & love her." Doo wop deluxe & 2-handed Fender JazzMutt tapping.

Sunshine On My Shoulders - The 25th anniversary reggae version, complete with rasta rap by Wanda L. Houston.

Jeez Louise - Downright peppy Tex-Mex with Doug Legacy on accordion.

Painless Window - Inspired by new heart recipient Patrick Lubow, guitarist & friend extraordinaire.

Just Another Glimpse Of You - A Tony Bennett-esque ballad. "[This song] should be a standard." Jim Beloff, Associate Publisher, Billboard

Sleep The Sleep Of Angels - Solo acoustic bass lullaby with a D-tuned E-string.

The Smile - Jazzy ditty featuring Neil Larsen on piano.

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