Paige Posey, a charming & talented young woman & executive administrator, e'd me & asked, "Do you need driving directions to get here from New York City?"

"Why yes," I replied, "Thanks!"

The first sentence of her reply:
"Once you hit western NC take I-26 eastbound toward Hendersonville/Spartanburg."

Welcome to the wonderful world of Western North Carolina and The Flat Rock Playhouse, where, for 5 weeks during the summer of 2002, I had the pleasure of performing
in the world premiere of Jim Wann & Patricia Miller's latest creation, "JIM'S GARAGE"
…& hilarity & revelry ensued. On-stage photos ©2002 SCOTT TREADWAY

My Shining Hour As ZZ, singing about the woes of my personal life & my "great big pile of nasty ol' socks & mildewed underwear." Not a dry eye in the house. Note the resourcefulness of Iain the soundman, who strapped my nifty B-Band pedal box onto my end peg so I could go wireless. Of course, I was running the rig thru my SWR California Blonde amp.

The Team From L to R: Linda Evans (Aunt Ethyl), Jenny Littleton (Dee), Jason Edwards (Jim), Robin Farquhar (Artistic Director), Miles Aubrey (Purvis), Patricia Miller (Playwright), Jim Wann (Playwright/Composer), Mike Masters (Merle), Mary Faber (Ivy) & me (ZZ).


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