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Now you can see episodes in their entirety…boy oh boy!

Me & fellow Azola Basses endorsee Juan Formell, leader of the band Los Van Van, backstage at the Pori Jazz Festival. I played there w. my ol' original BugBass (wanna see it?), he's got a customized Baby Bass, & we both love 'em. They're the best dang electric uprights on the market. I know...I shopped around and bought the best. Check it out for yourself, & tell Steve & Jill Ritt & Juan sent ya. You'll be glad you did.

The B-Band Statement pick-up system for acoustic bass. For getting the natural sound of my acoustic bass, whether I'm pluckin' or bowin', nothin' beats the B-Band.

The California Blonde acoustic amp from SWR. Ain't she a beaut? Sounds mighty sweet, too. You can even use it for guitar. And there's even an extra input for a mic, so I can use it as a mini-p.a. for that rare gig I do at venues smaller than the Parthenon. As seen on the TV show, A Man, a Bass & a Box of Stuff.

The Intellitouch Tuner...great for upright & Fluke…just slap it on & tune it up!

Doug McIntyre hosts a groovy radio show over at KABC 790-AM, daily from 1am to 5:30...& he's been playin' the bejeebezus out of my ditty, "Chicks Dig Me 'Cuz I Bowl."
Man, you gotta love that...thanks, Doug!

It's a Fluke! The cutest damn uke on the market. Wanna hear it, too?

Teresa Tudury, simply the most brilliant artist I've had the thrill to work with.

Kulak's Woodshed, one cool li'l club in NoHo, CA w. 24/7 webcam!

Other links to organizations & buddies & folks I've worked with
(who haven't already been TV guests):

Cabaret West - The Association of Cabaret Performers, Presenters & Patrons.

Trough Records - A great array of independent artists.

Dorian Michael - A great guitar player with a coupla kick-butt instrumental CDs.

Robin Greenstein - My NYC patron saint o' folk, a.k.a. Banjo Babe

Acoustic Live in NYC - A full rundown of who's playin' where in the Big Apple.

Edwin G. White - Hip guitarist/singer/percussionist I met in at the Pori Jazz Festival.

Ahree's Coffee Roastery & Fair Trade Coffee - Cool coffee w. a conscience...& he has a cool music series, too.

Matthew Garrison - This guy puts the "phenom" in "phenomenal"...amazing electric bassist.

Basslinks - More bassists than you can shake an endpin at.

Elizabeth Gray - Sharp, funny stuff from this Demento veteran.

Jeanine Michaels - Stuff for kids of all ages. I played on her "One Light" disc.

Richard Skipper - You gotta see it to believe it. Click and see for yoursef.

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