Officer Bell of the Tippo Parking Violations Bureau testifies about a certain ticket he wrote for a pink Cadillac parked illegaly on Turk St.
This picture SO reminds me of pictures I've seen from my mom's scrap book of shows she was in in college. From L to R: Maggie Hollinbeck, me, Michelle "Maisey" Mais, Scott Waara, Joe Joyce (you can't really see him) & Kelly Maguire. Not pictured: Bill Thomas as the Judge.

Here's the photo that ran in Daily Variety & scads o' other publications.
Defense Attorney Waara is grilling me, compelling me to "Sing out!" and confess. Never passing up an opportunity to perform, I do.

Reverend Purify is sworn in by the Clerk & Bailiff. That's right, I wasn't just Officer Bell; I was also the Clerk. It was an acting stretch. I kept my jacket on & played the Fluke instead of the bass. As an actor, we often ask, "What's my motivation?" My motivation: by playing the Fluke, not only did I add to the sonic palette of the show, but I also made an extra $12 a week. (Wanna hear the Fluke? Wanna buy a Fluke?) From L to R: me, Maisey & Joe (this time you can see him). Still not pictured: Bill Thomas as the Judge.

all photos ©2000 Craig Schwartz

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