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Me & my L.L. Bean Gore-Tex* boots backstage @ the Pori Jazz Festival.

First off, make sure you've got a pair of waterproof shoes. When you travel, you obviously wanna travel light. I look for a combination of footwear that meets 3 important criteria: a comfy pair for walkin' about; a hip pair for on stage; & a waterproof pair for whatever nature may bring (see above). Sometimes you can find a single pair of shoes that meets 2 or more of the criteria, meaning one less pair of shoes to schlep. Timberland, for instance, makes some hip oxfords that are also waterproof...poof!, you've just killed 2 birds with one stone.


*Gore-Tex, invented in part by my cousin Bob. Check out Gore's Elixir electric bass strings, too...heck, a single set is a year's supply.



More to follow...

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